"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sometimes I have crazy cosplay ideas

Well crazy for me. lol! Others would think them simple, but with my fitting issues for me they mean hard work. My love of history and historical costuming is driving this weeks inspiration. Of course I have far more ideas/costumes than there are events I could go to...so sometimes its a bit like windowshopping or buying a pretty pair of shoes you know you can't walk in (I call them sitting/posing shoes).

First idea Tudor 'Belle' (Beauty and the beast)
Got the shirt already. Just need to make kirtle, coif and apron.

Second idea Medieval Repunzal - Tangled
I need to finish my medival dress/kirtle and find some faux plaits for long hair look.
Thirdly Lolita TARDIS - well its a nod to those styles.
Black headband with police box qritten on it. White Shirt. Blue waistcoat with tardis key. Blue skirt with window pockets. Yellow petticoat. And a key lock shaped necklace.


  1. Hmmm. My first comment got eaten! Your purple medieval dress is GORGEOUS! And I LOVE your Lolita Tardis dress idea. Go for it. Here's hoping THIS comment posts OK!

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