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Friday, December 12, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #22 - Menswear (18thC Shirt)

The Challenge: #22 Menswear

Fabric: Linen & cotton

Pattern: Self drafted using knowledge of making shifts and images on pinterest of exhaunt shirts

Year: 18th century, but could pass for earlier and later as its ment to be a generic pirate shirt

Notions: Buttons, thread

How historically accurate is it? Well I used linen which is correct fabric, I used period shirts as reference, but I machine sewed the main seams for speed. I also found I didn't have enough linen so I had to make cuff and collar out of 100% cotton.

Hours to complete: Took me two days of sewing mixture of machine and hand sewing.
First worn: for fittings

Total cost: Approx. £20

Notes: This item although its a "man's" shirt will be worn by me (female). Its for a pirate costume I have an idea for...plus a poet style shirt comes in handy for different outfits and it would make a cosy nighty.

I didn't have enough linen to make the whole shirt. So the collar and cuffs are 100% cotton instead.

Added a little button on the front so I can wear the nack open if I want too.

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