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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

HSF 2015 - Challenge #1 - Foundations

After building up an extensive back catalogue of foundations dureing the past HSF years I erm....struggled to find something that wasn't a duplicate to make.

The Challenge: #1 foundations
Fabric: Cotton
Pattern: Used a combination of 30's and 40s bra patterns in 'vintage lingerie' by jill salen as reference draping it on the dress form. Unfortunately somewhere between draping and sewing the bra up I must have made an error. As although it fits in circumference, the cup size was too small.
Year: 1930s-40s
Notions: hook n eye, elastic, ribbon, bias binding.
How historically accurate is it? Well I hope it is accurate as I can get it.
Hours to complete: Took me a day and an evening if you don't count the time taken draping.
First worn: N/A as it didn't fit.
Total cost: Practically free as material was donated and the rest were from my long term stash.

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