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Monday, January 23, 2012

Fabric 'stash' sort out

So I decided to sort through my fabric/sewing box as I was struggling to cram more fabric in.
First I found any useful bits of fabric and put it in one pile and the rest went in the bin...I was quite ruthless with it. In my sort out stumbled across some interfacing and my paper cutting scissors that had gone missing.
I then went through the useful pile and ironed everything...sorting it into Project (set aside for projects) big (1 metre +) Medium (big enough to do patchwork with) small (scraps too small/awkwardly shaped to cut into decent squares and triangles for patchwork.)
Left to Right: project, small, big, medium
As you can see its a motley crew. I never quite have enough stash for a outfit or item of clothing. Might turn my 'medium' pile into a patchwork blanket. The small pile is supposed to get incorporated into crazy patchwork quilt.

As you can see still got a lot of that green material left to use up....I paid quite a bit for it so can't stand to throw it away.
I now have room for a couple more meters of fabric....

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