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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Simplicity 3847 - the shirt - part 1

So after buying the fabric I dove stright in and cut out the fabric. Before we get to that lets take a step back. Cutting diagrams...anyone else find them confusing?
Confused face???
I wasn't sure weather I needed to cut the fabric into two peices then lay the pattern out? And I couldn't remeber if selvadge was cut or uncut edge...In the end I folded the end of the fabric and cut a bit at a time.

Folding over the end just enough for each section so as to save fabric.

Hope this was right. The interfacing may be my downfall. As you now the grainline on the pattern peice it didn't match the grainline on the interfacing (not on the bias just 90degrees to the right of the grain)..but I was trying to fit as much on as little as possible.
I fused the interfacing to the fabric...I really have to work on my cutting accuracy. And voila!
Next to sew it together. I'm still dreading the buttonholes. Actually there's a question...there was a pattern peice with buttonholes marked on but it wasn't on the cutting diagram. What am I supposed to do with it?

Just getting stressed out by collars and facings...the instructions contradict everything other sources say. Maybe I'm just misreading the rubbish diagrams. (Below is my sketch outlining issues)

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  1. The pattern piece with the button holes marked is a bit like a stencil. It's not for cutting out, it's for you to lay on the finished front and mark the button holes :)