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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1940's & 1950's Fashion

1940's & 1950's Fashion.
I'm hoping to go 40's/50's style for the summer this year.

I have already made my first 50's wraparound dress (Well nearly...I will get round at adding the closures eventually) and I have 2 shirtdresses I use for my 40's look.

Now on my list to make:

Doing some research (Which involves googling and looking through videos of the era on british pathé) I've looked at lots of dresses and I've come to conclusion I don't like the 'pin up' style dresses that you can buy. I have one halterneck one and find it emphasizes what I don't want emphasized. I'm looking for everyday rather than a 'party' dress.

What I do like is the Horrockses dresses. I don't think there is one I've seen that I don't like. They are so stylish.
I like this cut and pattern


I've even discovered there is a free pattern
that you can make from duvet and pillowcase.
Now that's something to try. Although on a cheap bedlinen set first....in case I mess it up.

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