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Saturday, December 31, 2011

More embroidery

I've kinda got a bit obsessed with embroidery lately. I'm embelishing anything that doesn't move. lol! Think I need to seriously concentrate on improving my satinstitch as at the moment its a bit 'go with the flow' rather than planning before I start. 
Regency reticule

I've almost finished my reticule...although I may add some more decoration near the 'point' of the bag.
Lazy daisy and running stitch

I've gone a bit lazy daisy crazy...flowers everywhere.
Bunch of roses
 And am having fun with french knots.

Too small

Too big
The 'chicken scratch' on gingham I am finding it trickier than I thought it would be. Can't seem to get the scale right. Plus I'm not sure if I should do all tyhe double cross stitches first them fill in or just do both stitches as I go along.

Anyways I got pleanty of scrap material to practice on...what next...hmmm...I think thosse cushions need decorating. Mawhahahahahah!


  1. LOL! Love your bunch of roses...how about embroidered tea cosies, aprons, blouses...

    I also have been looking around for an embroidery design, but haven't seen one that grabs my attention yet. (My satin stitch leaves a lot to be desired, as I cannot keep it straight!) Maybe a small design for a new reticule is where I should also begin...hmmmmmmm...

  2. Well I was looking at some plain cardigans in the sales and contemplating decorating collar or pockets with embroidery.
    Also trying light silks on a dark background also appeals. To give a chinoiserie feel to it.
    I have been drawing out my own designs as I found the ones online/in books a little twee. The design I used for the reticule was inspired by looking at lots of pics of reticules and taking the elements I liked.

  3. I so wish I could do that!! I love embroided stuff but have no clue:(

  4. ITs easy really..just practice on scrap material with cheap thread.
    I've been using this blog http://stitchschool.blogspot.com/ to learn. It takes you step by step through each stitch.