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Friday, December 16, 2011

Transition Fashions - a slight ramble

My favorite fashions in history have always been the transition between eras and styles. When the fashionable silhouette is being defined and the differences aren't so extreme.

For example I'm preferring the 1790's-1800's period of fashion over the 1700's-1780's and 1810-1820 just simply because the earlier stuff seems cumbersome (although I do like the polonaise skirts - If I could incorporate that kinda skirt into a modern style  I would.) and the later stuff just doesn't suit me as the waistlines are too high.
I generally prefer clothes that sit on the natural waist...or close as possible to it.

I'm noticing a transition in modern clothes even now. Couple of years ago all the smock tops were 'empire line'.
Over the past years the waistline is moving down. I'm even seeing the very first appearances of drop waist on tops and dresses. And am so pleased the midi skirt is being sold again. I am not a mini skirt person.


I've been watching the manor reborn.
And their approach to the refurbishment kinda reflects my approach to historical costume.

If an item was used in a practical way in the past its better to make it practical today (even if its not strictly accurate to the Nth degree) so it can be used rather than stuck behind glass/in the back of the wardrobe because its impossible to wear. Especially if a lot of work goes into it.

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