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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Embroidery - some thoughts

I'm finding my preference for sewing by hand, making small items and strong sense of design plus the visual way in which I learn is suiting embroidery much more that clothesmaking. I'm enjoying making designs up from scratch and learning new types of stitching. I have found Stitch school blog an easy way to learn the stitches. I've even tried to mix embroidery and applique.
And just tried out as many stitches as possible. The crazy quilt has been great for practice.

Stitches wot I have sewn
The stitching on the reticule has been my neatest so far.

Which brings me on to....
To use an embroidery hoop or not to use an embroidery hoop...that is the question.
So far I've done fine without one, but wonder if there are advantages to using one I have yet to discover. Is it worth getting one and if so what size?


  1. Helloo I've come to visit you back! Nice place! :) I'd say get a hoop. They are cheap and a couple of different sizes is useful, I think I started with about an 8" size, but I have a smaller one and a bigger one for applique. I always bind the inside hoop with bias cut strips, as it helps the fabric to stay put.
    A hoop gives you a nice flat, slightly tense surface to work, and that is mostly easier than not using one. :)

  2. Thanks. Your blog is cool too.
    I have found a hoop at home but its too big to be of any use. :(