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Monday, December 12, 2011

Patterns of Fashion - Half Robe wraparound - the toile

So I've made a start. I'm thinking I can't have been too far away from the original models size. As when I did paper pattern I added 2 inches...and once I made up the toile..silly me had forgot the paper pattern didn't include seam allowances which I *did* add to the fabric toile. I found I had to take about 1 1/2 inches off.

I wanted to try and avoid obvious darts. So I too in the 'curve' at the seams.
Close up

I wasn't sure if the 'lining' should just 'meet' or overlap. And by how much. At the moment it is overlapping quite a lot.

Ignore the darts I took them out once I added the darts at the seams.
You can see the overlap if you look carefully at above picture.

I then started on the 'wrapover' part. That went quite smoothly once I figured out which side seam it should be in line with.
Back - found it looked better attached to that seam rather than the other one.

Not the clearest picture. But shows front with wrapover over over lining.
Next step getting my head round how to attach the wrap around skirt.

Edit: A photo of the original
Makes a bit more sense now.

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