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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Doctor Who meets Regency

It just sprung to mind the 1820s dresses were a bit Dalek-ish. So here is a Doctor Who inspired frock.
You will now be returned to usual programming. lol!
What do you think?

Edit: I discoverd this fashionplate
1818 Regency Fashion Plate - Promenade Dress  (La Belle Assemblee Magazine)


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you like it. a sort of regency steampunk.

  2. OMG, I love eet! Let me know what you do for the eggs. I'm thinking of remaking mine with wonderflex.

    1. I'd do it by making fabric pouch's filling with wadding then attaching them to the skirt. The authentic 1820's dresses usually kept details to the hem http://pinterest.com/pin/310255861800068207/
      I found this original fashion plate
      which just shows the 4th doctor must have been to the regency eara ;)

    2. Well, Timelords do have that ability. Did you know that Mary Poppins may have also been a Timelord in the Edwardian Era? http://verse.aasemoon.com/images/thumb/1/18/Mary_Poppins_TimeLord.jpg/819px-Mary_Poppins_TimeLord.jpg

      ZOMG, I love that fashion plate. Costume on!