"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jane austen festival, Bath - Regency Dress Outing - Part 1

"Her daily expressions were no longer, "I wish we had some acquaintance in Bath !" - Northanger Abbey

Well as you know if you are a regular reader of my blog, I have been sewing a regency outfit in preperation for the Jane Austen Festival. It went through many erm...changes till I found a combination that I liked, even having to make a last minute change after looking at the weather forcast. The weatherman was wrong BTW. It was warm enough I needen't have made a spencer. Oh, well.
Above is photo of all my regency stuff laid out ready. After trying it on I decided to ditch the open robe for now and got with dress, sash and spencer with my bonnet.
We had to take the bus into Bath. got many requests for photo's along with the never ending "why are you dressed like that?" even got asked if we were 'on TV'. lol!
Arriving quite early (although there were some people already there) we had a chance to mingle and talk to the other 'promenaders'. Everyone was very friendly and didn't mind having their photo taken. I got quite a few photo requests myself.

 I found myself as did other quickly hiding the modern cameras before a photo was taken.
"Quick, hide the modern stuff"
Met the lovely Sandi and Aroura.
As well as several people from various parts of the world. Including America and the Netherlands

 I found everyone willing to talk and compare outfits. I must admit some of my photos was me going "like that idea, must try to re-create it".

Like the tartan/check/plaid.

the ladybird wing like slope of the jacket is nice

Pretty spencers...
 Everyone was asked to line up each side of the path. The redcoat soldiers marched past first followed by everyone else in twos...or near enough.

Snaking through the roads of Bath flanked on each side by people taking photographs.
And throughout the promenade the old juxtoposed with the modern (oh, deep...yeah I know).

Till finally reaching the parade gardens...where everyone filed in.

There was a display by Steps in Time of dancing.

Lots more chatting before making out way to the guildhall.
Now, which way is it?
It was the perfect setting..such beautiful archetechture.
Me rushing up stairs (I was hungry after all that walking)
I was keen to get to the luncheon as I was hungry and parched from all that promenading. lol!
 It was a very pretty spread...and I will be making some brie and grape sandwiches in future...yummy!
Then had a nose round the fayre...lots of pretty stuff I liked but couldn't afford. lol! Did get some cotton lace from the haberdashery stall in the corner thought and some hair grips from the wig stall.
I also took the opertunity to admire more outfits...and then toddled off downstairs to see the Pride & Predudice play. Didn't realize it was audience participation. lol! Got called 'Charlotte Lucas' with my curls and lace cap.
Had a cup of tea before heading back to our accomodation. The next day we didn't have tickets for anything but on our wander round Bath quite enjoyed trying to spot people in costume.

Part 2 - coming soon.


  1. I am indeed featured in your post , thank you :)

    1. Your welcome.
      I hope the train of your lovely white dress didn't get to dirty with the grass.

  2. It sounds like an amazing time! I'm hoping to go next year. Your photos are lovely!

    1. Thank you. Its a great event. Wish I could afford to go for a whole week.