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Monday, September 24, 2012

If I made it, 'Fichu' buy it?

Ok...the title is a bit rubbish but seeing what was on sale at the regency fayre in Bath I spotted a gap in the market. Fichus and linen caps. I do like my embroidery and its the kinda thing I can carry around and do in odd moments when I have spare time.
My fichu in situe
I'll of course vary the shape and design of embroidery. I used a poly cotton for mine...but if it was asked for especially I'd use 100% cotton (I struggle to find lightweight enough linen).
You can see I do everything by hand including a rolled hem and embroidery.

I found mine provided extra warmth I needed.
So if I made some...would you buy them?
This wouldn't be a proper business, just a hobby where I would sell a few one off pieces. I do think of each of them as a work of art. The fabric is my 'canvas' and the thread my 'paint'. 
I might even try using muslin and tambour work...if I can figure it out.

I'm just throwing ideas up in the air at the moment and any feedback is welcome.

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  1. I haven't done any outfits from that period, nor do I see any chance of wearing them in the near future =( But the fichu you show here is adorable, I'm sure you could sell a couple of them at regency fairs!