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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The People of Trenzalore (Costumes) - Random Musing

I LOVE the costumes they wear. The colours and embroidery. I can't quite figure out though what era they reflect closest?  There's something of the 'folk costume' about it.

I particularly like the coat and skirt here...along with the white petticoat (and is that a tartan apron?). Reminds me a bit of Romana's outfit from 'Full Circle'.
Its got me thinking how would you recreate that skirt...at least I know I could do that. Red felt like a poodle skirt? Or a wool mix? I wonder what wool is like to embroider.

What era would you say those outfits are from? The bonnet is Regency-ish. The waistline looks natural rather than empireline.
Could the 'coat' be a bedgown with apron?


  1. They remind me of Russian or Romanian peasant dresses. I agree with the Regency style influences. Maybe a mix?