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Thursday, April 3, 2014

HSF 2014 - Challenge #6 - Fairytale ('Edwardian Tinkerbell')

The Challenge: #6 Fairytale - Edwardian Tinkerbell
Fabric: Green polycotton.
Pattern: I used Mccalls waistcoat pattern as a base then modified it significantly.
Year: 1895-1910 Going for Edwardian look to coincide with when the play was around.
Notions: Boning, hook and eye
How historically accurate is it? Well the fabric is wrong. But I think it gives a nice look. I wasn't aiming for a specific date more the feel of the era as of course this is 'fairytale'. I doubt Tinkerbell would be reading the fashion magazines. But she might have seen humans from a distance and tried to copy.

Hours to complete: I lost track but it was quite quick after I had burst of inspiration. Wanted to do a shirt with peter pan collar...but ran out of time.
First worn: To take photos.
Total cost: I'd say at a guess £8?
Its worn with this skirt and this shirt.

And because I couldn't resist a little photoshopping....


  1. What an amazing colour and the waistcoat is fitted so well. Love the look (and the wings). :)

    1. Thanks. I've been working really hard not to be afraid of a closer fit...I usually have lots of ease 'just in case'. Also having to be a bit brave and use boning to help get the historical shape I want.
      I ran out of time to make real wings...so photoshopped wings were next best. ;)

  2. It's adorable! I love it. It looks really Edwardian inspired but also totally appropriate to wear any time. Clever :)

    1. Thanks, I wanted something I could use for either steampunk stylings, modern or even doctor who cosplay*.
      There's a image I found on pinterest and this would work for the 8th doctor styling I have in mind.

  3. This costume is super cute! The photoshopped pic made me chuckle! :-D

    1. Thanks. :) It was a fun accident as it was a mock up for my paisley waistcoat originally. But I loved it enough to finish it.