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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Handsewing Vs Machine Sewing

What side of the fence are you on?

Are you a hand sewer or a machine sewer?

Do you like the speed of the machine or the control and detail of sewing by hand?

I find most people online are machine sewers. Where as I'm more comfortable with a needle and thread than a pedal and machine that looks quite vicious. Ok...so maybe it isn't that vicious looking....I just find it so intimidating and frustrating...and ironically time consuming.

Just to prove I do have a machine...

The amount of people who say to me, "use a machine its quicker".
But I'd really rather avoid a machine. I spend so much time using the seam ripper it seems a waste. When I sew by hand its easier to manipulate the fabric and get the tension I want....plus I can watch the TV while I do it.
I do use the machine when I find myself running out of time or if I have to hem a circle skirt, do long stright hems etc. But I'd say 95% of the time I sew by hand. I can rectify any mistakes quite easily without need for ripping.
I find hand sewing is portable too, which suits me. I keep thinking I need to sew myself a sewing apron with a big pocket so I can carry it around with me.
As you all know I managed to sew a blouse entirely by hand in a very short amount of time...but I'm not a fan of giving myself deadlines. I sew for myself at my own pace. If I was sewing for others and on a deadline that would be different.
I also like the historical aspect of in the past ladies didn't have sewing machines and its a valuable skill to sew by hand that I wouldn't like to loose.  Plus why use up electricity when my own energy is free?
Also embroidery by hand...I find it so much fun - it lets me loose creatively. I never draw out a design its all done as I go along, crazy I know but it works for me.


  1. I'm on YOUR side of the fence! I HATE having to use my machine. I don't have a dedicated sewing room, so I have to drag it out, set it up, change out thread and bobbin, and I get such a back ache from using it. I'll use it for large tasks, such as seaming on the skirt of a period dress, or on draperies.

    Otherwise, I'm on the sofa with needle and thread, a cup of tea and an old movie. Much nicer I think, and I agree about the portability. My husband and I take a lot of road trips, and I always bring along 'small' sewing to do while he drives, and in the evening in our hotel room. Great for Dr.'s office waiting rooms, anyplace where you know you have a half hour or more to have to wait on someone or something.

    1. I don't have a dedicated sewing room either.
      It is such a pain to get it out, set it up only to find the tension isn't right and its eaten up your fabric...or the bobbin has decided to become un-threaded for the 100th time.

  2. I definitely prefer sewing by machine! I would never have the patience to sew everything by hand. I do it for certain details though.