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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Horrockses Fashions

Well I'm planning to make a horrockses style dress this year using the free pattern on their blog....

Although it doesn't show how to do the skirt...so not being confident enough to draft my own skirt I will use the flared skirt pattern for the dress in simplicity 2588. And use the top section of butterick 5556 (the one on the right) to make a matching jacket.
And a friend of mine pointed out to me this link.
It a slide show of pictures of an exhibition in Scotland.
I love all the prints and the simple yet elegant style.
I think I could recreate something like the dress in pic no6. If I could find the right tie up shrug.
But then in picture no7. the green dress has a matching jacket which appeals...and I do like the bow.
If they sold them nowdays I think I'd save up to buy one and wear it till it fell apart. lol!

So what's your fave Horrockses dress?

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