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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Making Modern look Vintage

This is something I love doing. Taking the modern and combining it in a way that looks retro. I've done it with clothes bought from the shops for a while now. But since I've started sewing I have been doing the same with my pattern choices.
Choosing the patterns that have the most versatile silhouettes that I can use to recreate the 'shape' and 'feel' of each era.


Simplicity 2249 has potential

Vogue 1186 would make some great pallazio pants

And Simplicity1799..although made longer.

I have this shirtwaister simplicity 2246
although I think 2923 has better shape
And the shoulders on this one shouts 40's to me.


There's always a plethera of 50's inspired patterns
I think butterick 5641 would be a good one to choose. There's also B4443, and maybe B4386 for very late 50's early 60's?

Anyone else got favourite modern patterns that give vintage/retro impressions?

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