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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On Yard Challenge - project 1

The One Yard Challenge

I know my original plan was to make an apron....but then I thought 'that's too simple'. And went to make some regency stays only to find that's 'too difficult' to complete in the time I had left. Plus I needed some kind of camisole or chemise to try the stays on with. bingo!
That's what I can make...a top. I didn't have a pattern so found the comfortable top I could wear that wasn't stretchy. And for first time attempted to draft a pattern from a RTW garment. As it was so simple I could erm...trace round the panels easily and add seam allowance. Then the challenge of fitting it on a 'yard' of material.
The top I was originally planning on making a drawstring round the collar edge (like the original top) but....I don't have any matching chord. So I'm wondering if I should make a little pleat to take in the fulness or leave as is.

As trim doesn't count in the final tally I made myself some bias binding and bound the collar and sleeves.
Rolled Hem

And I did a rolled hem and bottom edge of top.

So on skills list can tick off:
Rolled hem
Making own bias binding
Making pattern from RTW garment

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