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Monday, July 30, 2012

Regency dress...another update.

So I did some epic handsewing. It aught to be an olympic sport. lol! Below you can see I finally cut out skirt and sleeves. I used the Sense & Sensibility pattern for those as I wanted to gather/pleat the back and I like the long sleeve pattern.

Above is front view just pinned together. 
Back view pinned together.

I tacked the pleats at the back down. So I could try it on and see if I needed to alter pleats or not.
 I've also made lots of self fabric bias binding to finish the seams.

Now I need to ask advice. I'm worried about if the bodice can take the weight of the skirts. I'm going to   bias bind the seam so I hope that will help re-enforce the seam. 

Any other suggestions? I notice in patterns of fashion some of the dresses have ties on the inside. Would something like that help?

Oh, and it looks better on my than on the hanger. lol!


  1. I MUST learn to hand sew. I've been reading the posts at the S & S forum to that effect (then stumbled upon your clogging blog - BRAVO, by the way).

    Anywho, Lady D, can you suggest further reading for me to really "get" handsewing? Meanwhile, I'll read your latest post about the gown perhaps there is more to help there.

    Thanks for being a formidale force on the WWW for historical sewing. You rock!

    1. Thanks. Glad you liked it.
      I'd say if you really want to learn to handsew. Just jump in and do it. If you know how to cast on and cast off, anything in between that is up to you. I found embroidery helps with learning stitches.
      On the Right Hand side of this page is a list of words. Click on 'hand sew' and go to hand sewn headscarf tutorial. Get yourself a square of cotton fabric, matching thread and a selection of embroidery floss. First you learn your running stitch by doing the hand rolled hem. Then you use it as your sampler. Trying out your stitches on the headscarf.
      I found this a good tutorial for every stitch you could ever want
      Find a motif like a flower and try to create it in each stitich by the time you've done 50 french knots you'll get the hang of it. It should help with your handsewing confidence too.