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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Challenge Contest - Refashion / Repurpose

Challenge Contest 2012 - Refashion / Repurpose
Glutton for punishment entering a contest when I have other projects on the go and know I won't win. But I have so much that I could refashion (or upcycle as the word of the moment is).
So far have had several 'ideas'....but only have time to make one.

1. Make skirt from pillowcase (not enough matching pilowcases)
2. Make a day dress from long sleeveless maxi dress  (as dress is tiered can't get enough fabric out of it)
3. Use frock coat/jacket/curtain to make matching waistcoat and skirt. (Blue velvet) Old fabric is too delicate.
4. Make hat from T-shirt (Only have on T-shirt and its wrong colour)
5. Make a skirt from old pair of trousers.

Went for number 5!
Cut up the pair of blue linen trousers...pinned them sewed up to a point so that there is a V shaped gap front and back ready to be filled with fabric.

Original pair of trousers
 I've drafted (I hope) the pattern for a gore to insert. I'd like more of a edwardian walking skirt look at the back but not sure how to do it.

Update 1:
Have decided to look for fabric that matches the facing fabric on the linen trousers. So a pale grey and blue stripe.

Update 2:
ok..I went to fabric shop and got distracted. No striped grey linen but they did have some broderie anglaise. So I bought that instead. Bought enough to make a blouse out of it too.

Cut out the fabric pinned in place and sewed. I've only done one side so far.

And It needs pressing.

Took me a bit to figure out how to sew it in so the seams were on the inside.

Update 3 - Finished!
Hemmed and pressed here is the finished skirt.



Comments welcome.


  1. Ooh, what an interesting idea! I can't wait to see the final product!

    1. Thanks. I'm going to update the pages as I progress.

  2. Oh I LOVE IT! I wasn't sure about the white fabric as I was scrolling, but obviously I was wrong because it looks great!

    1. Thanks :) I was so set on a striped linen and then I saw the broderie and it matched so nicely and gave the 'look' I wanted.