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Friday, November 9, 2012

Fitting Shells, Slopers and creativity

Butterick 5627

Right here is goes. 
The frustrated fashion designer in me keep seeing dresses/tops etc. but not having patterns for them. Be it modern, vintage or historical. 
So I was thinking what is the best route…a fitting shell, or a sloper? How do I draft a bodice from scratch?
I am getting more adventurous with adapting existing patterns…although more trial and error than maths. 
But I'd just like a basic pattern that fits me with 'no frills' that I can use as a basic starting point and then change necklines etc.
Should I buy a commercial pattern? Or draft from measurements (although I'm terrible with maths)?
Or just pin fabric on me and go trial and error system again?
Or should I use the 'sultry sheath' patten from the book  have to create the 'sloper'? After making the pencil skirt I already know that fits.

Which method do you use?

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  1. Hm, I'm definitely one of the pin and go, trial and error people. I typically start with some type of pattern, but usually it's just so I can get the right spacing between the shoulders or around the hips. I'd say that I draft my own patterns, but I definitely don't do anything with math. I just draw it, hold it up to me, sew it up, and then adjust the hems as necessary.