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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Style 2769 - winter blouse

I've started on my winter blouse using my fave pattern 'style 2769'. Using the view top left.
3/4 length sleeves and stand up collar (2). I was going to do the turned back collar but couldn't be bothered to cut out all the extra pieces. I will be adding a pocket too like in the view bottom right (4).
The majority of the blouse will be the polkadot material but collar facings and sleeve cuffs with be in the plain cream.

What gets me with this pattern every time is the instructions aren't in a logical order. Seems to jump about a bit. But I do like the paper pattern itself.

So I started on the sleeves. It took a bit of experimentation as the instructions confused me when it came to adding a cuff to the sleeve.
Now I added one sleeve to the bodice and its looking a bit awkward. I'm not sure how it should sit. the pitch seems off.

Maybe I have done the old two left/right arm sleeves thing again?

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