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Friday, November 30, 2012

Vintage Casual - some thoughts

So I was reading Gerties post about Modern/Vintage and it got me thinking...
I've never seen the whole modern V vintage thing when it comes to casual clothes.
I analized why:
1. I hate jeans. Every pair I have ever owned have ended up discarded. I do have issues with trousers in general not fitting being short in the leg, big in hips but small in waist. The only trousers I've had sucess with are highwaisted ones which are [suprise, surprise] vintage style.
2. I consider skirts as casual. Especially in winter when paired with woolly tights.
3. I think twin set and pearls is casual.
4. I generally wear flats, heels are for special occasions
5. 'Vintage Style' is not a uniform or a costume or something for special occasion (for me) its just a label applied to what I'm comfortable wearing.
6. I don't like to buy/make clothes I only wear once. I am creating a capsule wardrobe that can crossover and be used for various activities depending on how I accessorise.

My idea of a casual skirt

When thinking about a casual vintage look I reccommend looking at photo's of normal people from the era your interested in rather than just 'hollywood' stars.

Though I might suggest some ideas for casual:

Knitwear casual...great for winter

Source: google.com via Lady on Pinterest

Glam casual

Perfect for lounging round the house

Spring Casual perhaps?

Summer casual?

Vintage but could pass for modern? That's the look I'd like to go for really....just got to be brave and make a pair of trousers.

Anyway,  hope that helps.

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