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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Psychedelic Fabric inspires dress design

I have some vintage/retro fabric! Its quite garish but I rather like it.
Looking through my pattern stash unless I want to draft something from scratch. Thanks to the suggestions on we sew retro have decided to use lisette 2059.
I've sewn a lisette pattern before and been disappointed that it didn't have the ease I expected. I used the shirt dress pattern last time. Cut exactly for 40"hip. Tissue fitted fine but in fabric it turned out over in inch too small! So knowing this I cut generously. I took the bottom half (from under the underbust) out and more of an A-line slant. Giving up as much width at the hem as possible.

Phew! That's a relief. Pinned it all together and it fitted, could put it on and off over my head. No zip!
Now to stay stitch and gather stitch. Erm....forgot to mark front and back, and the dot made to show where to gather from had rubbed off. Nevermind....I'll just guess and hope for the best.

Gathered the neckline. Seems a bit low? So shortened the shoulder straps. I seem to be getting some gapeing at the back. Maybe gather that to cover it up?

Pleated the centre back. And made self fabric bias binding to finish the arms and neckline. Also made the addition of a 'tag' made from ribbon.
I also added some attached belt-ties. So I could tied them tight and get a smother finish as it was looking too much like a sack tied with string with the original concept of a loose belt.


It gives a twist to it. So it could be a bit 50's. I dropped the sleeve idea. It just didn't look/feel right.
Anyways I'm happy with it.

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