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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Doctor Who Sew-a-Long 2013

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I'll probably be the only one doing it but as 2013 will be the 50th anniversary for Doctor Who I thought I'd have a little sew-a-long. Well...create-a-long. lol!

As I won't just be sewing whole outfits or garments...I'll be making accessories and embellishing existing items. The only rule being it has to be inspired by each of the eleven Doctor's. I might not get them all done but I'll give it a go.

My initial ideas are:
1st Doctor - Cloak/Cape. Now I need some seal of rassilon buttons.   [planning post]  [completed garment post]
2nd Doctor - Tartan Skirt - to reflect his tartan trousers  [planning post]  [completed garment post]
3rd Doctor - Frilly shirt  [planning post]  [completed garment post]
4th Doctor - Will attempt to finish my knitted scarf. lol!  [planning post]  [completed garment post]
5th Doctor - Embroider collar with question marks  [planning post]  [completed garment post]
6th Doctor - Something inspired by the colours and patterns (initial thought is a 'patchwork' bag)  [planning post]  [completed garment post]
7th Doctor - Take the straw hat I used as a bonnet and refashion it -back to original shape to trim to look like the 7th Doctor's hat.  [planning post]  [completed garment post]
8th Doctor - Waistcoat with pocket so I can wear my pocket watch  [planning post]  [completed garment post]
9th Doctor - (Can't think of anything presently)  [planning post]  [completed garment post]
10th Doctor - Upcycle pinstripe jacket into something else. [planning post]  [completed garment post]
11th Doctor - Bow tie & trousers with braces [planning post] [completed garment construction post]

If you want to join in (more the merrier!) just blog about your creation or put a photo with a few details or what you made on something like flikr or pinterest then post a link in reply to this thread and I'll do a 'wall of fame' post at the end of the year.

Here is my pinterest board for inspiration!

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  1. I've just stumbled upon your blog and I love the idea of a Doctor Who Sewing Challenge, though honestly I don't know yet what to make. I'll think about it and hopefully I can get something completed at the end of the year. Well, anything is a good excuse to watch the show again :D