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Monday, December 10, 2012

Swing Shorts

Yep! That's what I'm making. Bought the hop swing pants pattern (I will still call them trousers- I can't get over the fact that pants to me are underwear. lol) from Eliza M.
Anyway I had a limited amount of suitable fabric and didn't want to mess it up. So I decide to do a wearable muslin and to make good use of limited resources made 'shorts'.
I had to add more to the outside seams at my hips and a small amount to inner thigh seam.

I sewed up the darts, then side seams then the rather confusing at first, but its logical if you think about it crotch seam. Making sure when I got to the back I left room for a zip.
Now can anyone see what step I missed out? No...I'll give you a clue.
Yep. I forgot to take in the waist....by the time I noticed this I'd already added the facing and zip.
 (I'm sure fabric grows when I'm not looking.) 

Anyway my solution was to make a dart in the two side seams.
View from inside. Note my snazzy facing.

View from inside
Minor disaster averted (and actually now I know exactly how much to take off the waist of the master pattern.) All I had to do was hem the shorts. The problem is how short should shorts be? And when do shorts become hotpants? After brief survey went for the 'long' shorts.
apologies for shaky camerawork


  1. Haha ahh you made me chuckle at the pants thing. I know exactly what you mean. Everyone calls trousers pants where i love and i always called underwear pants haha. I have been dying to get my hands on this pattern!!! I would go mid thigh for the length and then turn it up. You don't want to go showing your bum to the world :-)

    1. You do know there's a sale on at the moment all pattern £7.50.
      get ye a pair! ;)

  2. I'm British as well, although I live in Canada now, and there have been a number of miscommunications because of knickers/pants/trousers!

    Lovely shorts (or longs!). I think the below knee ones sre the most flattering, rather like 'city shorts'!

    1. I went for longer in the end (I can always roll em up later). I was thinking it loks a bit land girl-ish, but someone else mentioned it was a bit more 'famous five'.
      So they are now my 'five go lindy hopping swing shorts'. ;)