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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blubells, spring and woodland inspired outfit

I want to have a bluebell 'theme' inspired outfit. But first I need to decide what colour a 'bluebell' really is...Blue? Purple? Violet? Indigo? Lilac?
they seem very light colour lilac in above image
Trying to find the right shade is going to be tricky. I was thinking I might buy some white cotton or linen blend then dye it the shade I want? I'm leaning towards trying to aim for a violet colour.
Maybe try 'intense violet' then tone it down with a blue? But I've never mixed dyes or over dyed before....any tips?
I love the dress from the poster from bright star. I can't figure out if its colour is achieved by layering or just by dyeing oddly? Has someone taken purple fabric and tried to dye it blue? Or have they got white fabric and dyed it first purple then blue? Linen or cotton?
Next thing to think about is the bonnet. What colour shall I do it? White with purple accessories? Or purple? Or green perhaps? Or maybe white base, green ribbon and purple feather or flowers on it?

I probably change the waistband..it was just an idea. But what colour goes with it?

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