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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bonnets - design choices

From Workwoman's guide
So I want to make a bonnet that's not made from straw. The smell of straw just gets too much after a while. So I was thinking of making a buckram and fabric one. Maybe make it more 'fancy' than my other one using silks etc. this time.
The instructions say "This may be made of cloth, merino, chintz or nankeen with cotton runners." It also instructs to cord it? Maybe if I corded it and interfaced I might get the strength I needed without the buckram?
This bonnet seems to be the same kinda pattern and cording has been used....although I've be tempted to wire the brim.
straw bonnet - too plain?
Which means I have to find a neutral colour to use so it will go with several outfits. I was debating whether to do two, one regency and one victorian OR one that would suit both timeframes.
From google search
I liked the bonnets the dashwood sisters wear in the most recent adaptation. And its what I have in mind or what I'd like to aim for...that 'halo' around the face look.

I really rather liked the pattern from the workwomans guide shown at top of the page. I've done a  'paper' version. This will be first time working with 'buckram' which I suspect is the wrong kind but its stiff so hoping it will work.
paper mock up
I've made a few adjustments to the pattern since the photo above which included reducing the brim slightly. also purchased some wider buckram online. I've also been gathering some potential trim.
 The feathers make it look a bit Cranfordian.
The flowers match perfectly my fabric I have for my dress. Decided to make a bib front dress. ;)

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