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Monday, September 30, 2013

HSF Challenge #20 Outerwear - Cloak

The Challenge: #20 Outerwear

Fabric: Melton wool (turns out its 50%wool / 50% poly), polysilk lining.

Pattern: Simplicity 5786. Chose view A but cut it shorter than on the cover.

Year: 1840s? Victorian? I hope it can be used for a few eras though.

Notions: Thread, buttons, ribbon.

How historically accurate is it? I find it hard to judge. I tried to get the spirit of the time right. The tartan is a nod to queen victoria of course.

Hours to complete: 3 hours.

First worn: Well worn it round the house a few times. But hope to wear it out on holiday.

Total cost: Well the wool was a bargain price. The tartan and the other lining was leftover fabric from another project...so I guess so I say £20-25?

It was quite simple constructionwise, got the basics done quickly.
 I pinned the cloak and hood together for below picture. As you can see I lined the hood in blue silky material.
 But there was a problem....I used up it all on the hood lining. So I had to go serching for some more. Now the stuff I planned to use had gone walkabout.
 ...and what I had left either was the wrong colour or there wasn't enough of it.
Taking inspiration from costumes in detail. Decided to use different fabric to line front and back. Tartan in the front and white silky in the back.
I also took an idea from costume in detail and added a loop at back of the cape inside so if it gets windy I can pass a ribbon or belth through it and tie it snug to my waist.

I used 2 hook & eye plus a ribbon for closures. Inspired by the little cape I saw at Kensington Palace.
In Queen Victoria display at Kensington Palace
I have wanted a cloak ever since I saw those old 'Scottish Widows' advert. And thought wow that looks so fab...I need to get a cloak like that. lol!

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