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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Edwardian Ensemble - Lace & Bows

I've really surprised myself...I used a modern shirt pattern that fitted as my bodice base...then used images of edwardian patterns like in Frances Grimble's Edwardian Modiste to modify the bodice and redraft the collar and sleeves. This was only ment to be a muslin mock up...but its turned out perfectly wearable. (the proper one will be in white with a red 'bow' and a little more lace insertion.)
With sleeves and back pinned in place.
 The bow was originally an idea to cover up a little error I made with the collar. I think I need a collar stand and then the collar or else I end up with an unsupported 'gap' in the centre front.
For the skirt I used sense & Sensibility beartrix skirt pattern. I did it in green polycotton as originally intended to use it as a petticoat under the proper skirt. But I rather like it as a skirt in its own right.

  I decided to add a little cameo to the 'bow' on my blouse. I erm...superglued it on. Hope it stays ok.
Last thing I need to do is make a belt/swiss waist and finish trimming the hat.


  1. Wow, that looks amazing! When I first saw the top photo before reading the post, I thought it was an original black silk blouse. . .wow, way to go! I also sometimes use modern patterns that fit, and modify them to have the right look and shape for period garments. It makes fitting so much easier if you have a base that fits right. Love the skirt, too. I have admired the Beatrix pattern for a while but haven't got it yet. I think I need it! It looks so versatile and lovely.

    1. Thanks. Wow! That is such a compliment from a historical seamstress like yourself. I've always admired your stuff.
      The blouse is part hand part machine sewn. Same with the skirt.
      You'd never guess they were both made from cheap polycotton too. lol!
      the lace was done by hand though.
      I hope to use same technique to create the 'dickens' era sillouette. I keep being drawn to victorian moarning clothes. I love thier simple elegance.
      The beatrix skirt pattern has lots of potential. I can see how it can be made to look so different by choice of material trimmings etc.