"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Clog Dance - an outfit

I had lots of plans to make an outfit...then forgot them in excitement of making Doctor Who outfit. Then realized this week I'd only got a few weeks left. Eep!

To read more about my clog dancing see this blog.

I got a burst of inspiration reading this on the website history page:
'The clothes worn by the dancers usually included velvet knee breeches, a shirt and a velvet waistcoat completed with a brightly coloured sash. The clogs themselves were often hand-made. The lace-up low miner's flat type of clog was used, the irons having always been removed. The clogs most preferred for dancing were made from ash as good clear beats could be more easily obtained. The more common beech or sycamore working clogs did not produce such sharp beats.'

 I've highlighted the relevent elements.
Velvet knee breeches - well this I would replace with a velvet skirt.*
A shirt - Well I have two options homemade or shop bought
Velvet waistcoat - not got time to make that.
Brightly coloured sash - This can be done quickly. I have green, gold and burgandy to choose from. My sash will be worn round the waist.

*I tried to make a elasticated waist dirndl type skirt but the velvet didn't gather well and was too heavy. So I shortened it and pleated it instead. Sewing onto a waistband (using this technique) like I used for my Edwardian skirt. Except I used petersham ribbon.
The hem dipped down at the back...that was my fault for hemming it before I had finished and had to make changes to my original plan. I have a choice...either claim its a dipped hem skirt. Or bustle the back over a petticoat. I think I could use hook n eyes to make it easy to de-bustle in modern wear.

Dipped hem -

As you can see above hem didn't come out quite stright...

Bustled - 

Both shown worn over my pain white short petticoat. If I have time I'll also make a coloured oen to double up.

So what do you think? Which do you prefer bustled or not?


  1. Un-bustled! It looks sort of like it got stuck by accident :) Looks lovely down! The material looks kind of satiny rather than velvet (I guess caused by the shine of the flash) so that was a bit of a surprise, but I love it and love the belt! and the top! Well done! Gongratulations!

    1. It has a interesting reaction to the light. If it wasn't such a pain to sew I'd get myself some more fabric and make a matching jacket. ;)
      The top is a work in progress. Its only tacked together I've got to do the lace insertion, draft a collar (maybe sleeves?) and sew it up properly.