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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Downton Abbey Blouse - Some thoughts on autumn sewing

Yes I know I'm a bit late...others have already commented about these blouses. Its the colder weather it makes me think of autumnal colours. ;)

I prefer lady ediths version. The colours I think would suit me. Also I have a green skirt now that will match. I did wonder if this pattern would do? Or this pattern (the blue check one)? Or this vogue pattern View B with shortened sleeve?
Or check this out (page 59) I know its a 1920's pattern but it looks similar except square rather than round neckline.
Which colour combo do you prefer?

But I maybe I should be brave and try to draft my own using gerties portrait blouse as my starting point? I could borrow sleeves from another pattern. Or use my now fully tested edwardian blouse pattern as a base and modify the neckline. I can't tell is it over the head or button up the back?

The second one it the above blouse. It looks very like the folkwear armistice blouse. But I think I could probably draft it myself...its just the collar that bamboozels me. I really need a book/course just on drafting and sewing collars. I think I'd have the buttons like in the folkwear pattern but do faux buttons on other side to match.
I really like lace insertion now I've discovered how to do it. Now I need to find the right belt....

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