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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Doctor Who Outfit - Fitting the Jacket - Part 2

Having cut out the fashion fabric and hand basted all the seams....I then decided to try it on the dressform to check the fit. Particually with the collar attached (as many of you know I ALWAYS have collar issues).

You may note I haven't interfaced the collar. I know *shock horror* but with my interfaced collar woes I decided not to interface.
Now I wasn't sure if the back and front princess seams needed to line up...but I was getting excess material sticking up around my shoulder blade/armhole area.

So I took the back seam in a little (see image above) and it seemed to solve that problem. Along with altering the shoulder seams slightly.
Not sure if this was correct...but it looks ok to me?
Anyway next step is to sew the rest up then try fitting the sleeves.

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