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Friday, September 6, 2013

Doctor Who Costume - Fitting the skirt (petticoat)

I'm making a Edwardian skirt to go with the ensemble but this skirt needs a petticoat. So I'm using the petticoat as a test run for the pattern. Only difference will be that I'll add a flounce to the petticoat and maybe some lace decoration.
The finished petticoat will fit into the historical sew fortnightly challenge. I pleated the back. Seen here the waistband closures are missing and the hemming has not been done.

You can see here its worn with the toile of my blouse. Self drafted edwardian blouse - well I took a shirt pattern that fitted and modified the peices to reflect period pattern peices on this site. This is the mock up shown with beatrix skirt (WIP). Just working out how to do the collar. I think it needs to be cut on the bias. Will do the proper one in a white polycotton and use sleeves from my beatrix jacket pattern. I also need to add another half and inch to the back peices (and a facing) for a proper overlap for the buttons. 

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