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Monday, September 16, 2013

Lizzie Hexham Dress - Some thoughts

So I've got it in my head I want a 'victorian dress' but I don't want it to take tonnes of fabric and need hoops. So I will go for more of a poorer 'lizzie hexham' inspired outfit. And Wear my dress over a corded petticoat.

I started by looking at some of the patterns around. They all seem to be aimed at American Civil War re-enactment.

SO I'm taking a cut n shut approach to it. I like the basic cut of Laughing Moons Day dress pattern.
But looking closely....

- The skirt seems to be a basic one with gathered panels. I can draft that myself easy.
- The Bodice buttons down the front. And has those curved seams like my regency dress.
   So I might be able to use my TNT shirt pattern. But add darts at the front waist and alter the back for curved seams.
OR I could use the portrait blouse pattern change the front to button up and at the back curved seams.
- The sleeves I can take from the beatrix jacket.

For rest of the impression. I have an apron already, all I need is a shawl. Oh and to make corded petticoat.

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