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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shirts and collars...now with wings! Part 2

I started off with my 'go to' shirt pattern. It had a 'collarless' option which helped. I did however cut large side seams so I could adjust the fit a little and move the darts.

I tried pinching out all the excess material. Left it like that for a day or two just to see if I liked the fit of it. But soon got rid of the 'tucks' in back and front. It was making it more bodice like and less shirt like. As you can see in the image above I also started trying out collar shapes.
I cut my sleeve a little longer than the original then borrowed the cuff and some of the sleeve marking from another shirt pattern. The easy stitch n save version of this one. Lets not go into detail but I really struggled with the sleeves. Ended up with the contiuous lap being wrong...well its not quite like my RW shirts. lol! And sewing one sleeve inside out....which I had to unpick and re-sew.
Now to start on the detachable able collar.

 Initially I cut the shape above. but when I tried it on myself the collar was too high. I couldn't really move.
So I slimmed it down the top of the collar, tapering it towards centre back. I think I could have made it even narrower but I got fed up of just playing with it. I topstiched the collar and added the buttonholes. Three in total. One at the back two at the front.
I haven't got the right studs so I instead used the button on back of the collar and buttonhole on the detachable collar. And for the above images its just pinned at the front till I can get the studs.
With a makeshift cravat

Improvised 'stud' Split Pin

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