"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Monday, November 4, 2013

HSF Challenge #22 Masquerade - Shirt, Waistcoat and Trousers

For this challenge its more of a challenge as rather than one item I wanted to pull together a whole ensemble of different elements from different eras to make my 'masquerade costume'. Which for those who know is actually a Doctor Who costume for a certain event in November.

I had originally intended to do a full Edwardian parallel to the eighth doctor's outfit, but found myself running out of time, funds and fabric. So I made some comprimises and adjustments. The jacket was taking me a long time to do. The skirt I'd done my wearable mock up in green but realised I wouldn't have enough matching fabric left so changes to high waisted trousers instead. My shirt would also be made by me and with a detachable collar.

So that left me with:
Jacket - Edwardian
Shirt - Edwardian
Trousers - 1930's
Waistcoat - Indeterminate but hoping it would fit 1930's or Edwardian
Cravat - Misc

Now so far I have completed the waistcoat for another challenge. The Shirt I completed but changed the 'style' of and the Trousers were using my TNT go to trouser pattern. The Jacket I have abandoned...in favor of something shop bought.

The Challenge: #22 Masquerade

Fabric: Brown Twill,  silk haboutai, white sheeting

Pattern: Trousers (Eliza M Swing trousers), Waistcoat (McCalls
6149), Cravat (No Pattern), Shirt (Simplicity Lisette 2246 modified, collar self drafted.)

Year: Various. From Edwardian to 1930's.

Notions: Polymerclay buttons (made myself), thread, zip, hook and bar.

How historically accurate is it? Well I wasn't going for absolute accuracy as this is meant as a cosplay outfit....it was more historically inspired.

Hours to complete: As there were so many elements it took me several weeks to do.

First worn: It will get worn at the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary at the excel in November.

Total cost: I've lost count. With so many different elements.