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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Cosplay - Update

For those of you who have seen it or haven't seen it but already know the big surprise about the Doctor Who minisode.
Let me just say how pleased I am. Totally loved it. Full spin off series please?

Anyway back to what I was planning on talking about. The Doctor's outfit in that mini episode is a bit different to the tv movie one.
Which leaves me in a quandy...my cosplay outfit was based on the TVM. I'm thinking with a new shopbought coat. I can't find the combination of right material, colour and cut. But I have found the right cut of coat even if the colours different.
I found the above one on the H&M website. I hope they have it in stock in the shop. Turned down collar, double breasted and kneelength.

I also found this right colour but the cut is too short.
I have a blue headscarf I can use for the neckerchief. Got similar boots but ankle height. I'll be wearing my trousers that are different to the minisode ones so they will cover the fact they aren't kneehigh.

I can tack on my shirt collar rather than pin it and wear it more open.
What do you think? Will it work?

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