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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

HSF Challenge #24 Re-Do - Fob watch chatelaine

The Challenge: #24 Re-Do

The Challenge you are Re-do-ing: #19 Wood Metal Bone

Fabric/Notions: Blue ribbon, watch, 'pearl', hair clip, cameo (it was in a pack of cameos for card crafts).

Pattern: N/A

Year: Regency

How historically accurate is it? Well I have seen images of regency gents with fob watches on ribbons...and in the most recent bbc series of emma the title character had one on a chain/ribbon.

Hours to complete: 2 hours (glue had to dry.)

First worn:N/A

Total cost:£18 (most of that was the watch cost)

 Above is the original fob watch necklace I used as I can't make a watch. lol! I used 1 meter of ribbon - interfacing the 'point'. I attached the ribbon to the metal hair clip. then sewed the watch on one point and a small 'pearl' from another necklace to the other point. Then glued a 'cameo' on the clip to cover up my sewing.

Above is the 'regency' version and the one below is my 'cosplay' version with its additional TARDIS key. ;)

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