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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary (Saturday) at the Excel

So I got tickets to the 50th Anniversary (yes its an anniversary like a marriage anniversary rather than a birthday. IMO) at the excel in London. The day started early...ever so early. I think I was half asleep and it was still dark outside. Even the train station ticket office wasn't open yet. Had to fight with the machine. The train trip was fairly uneventful...apart from accidentally taking a DLR train in wrong direction...only for one station easy enough to go back the other way. lol! told you it was too early. Sitting on the train I was playing spot the whovian. At first it was subtle things TARDIS bags or t-shirts then the more I looked there were 11th doctor cosplays everywhere.You've never seen so many fezes in one place. lol!
Joined the longest queue in the world...and that was just the queue for the queue to get in...
 Eveverybody move up...we can fit more in. ;)

Can you spot yourself?
 The queue in front....there were two queues to get in...one led you one side of the theatre the other to the other.
Looking back over at the entrance...the queue snaking back to the doorway. We seemed to be waiting FOREVER...then finally they announced we could file in, to a loud cheer.
I managed to get a seat. Although quite far back (which as I discovered was actually quite fortuatous - with some of the SFX). They had trailers and clips of the doctor's looping round on the screen as we filed in. It was at first amusing how every time David Tennant or Matt Smith came on screen in a clip some rather loud fangirls decided they would scream.

It was presented by Dallas Campbell (you know the one from bang goes the theroy...looks like Peter Capaldi). They exploded a Dalek and got a young boy up dressed as the doctor to shoot a cyberman with an oversized gun. There was also a question and answer section. With some very funny answers...Afterwards we were filed out a different door into a corridor. It was a bit confusing as to where to go next.

A lot of people like me just wandered up to the top floor...then realised it was the wrong place and had to walk back down. Took a photo of the map so I could find my way to the main hall where I wanted to be.
 As you entered the main hall (at this point there were queues again) the entrance was disguised as the scrapyard set from the original episode.
There was even a TARDIS in the corner....quite a few people had their photo taken in front of it.
The first thing I did was wander round to familiarize myself with the layout.
There were peices of sets and costumes dotted around the 'Stages' and 'Arena's'. As a costume and sewing fan...I erm....took a lot of pics of the clothing.

It was a bit annoying I was on my own...would have liked more photo's with me in it...but felt awkward about asking strangers to take my pic.
 Queued in the queue for the queue to queue for the queue for the autographs (can you see a theme here?). Got my TARDIS journal signed by Colin Baker. I think I babbled like a mad person...lots of thank you's were involved. lol!

Was a bit star struck. There were some great cosplays around. There was a cute one with a father and son in matching 5th doctor outfit in the queue for Peter Davisons autograph.
There was a cyberman being explained at one of the areas.

Also so many people cosplaying which was nice. There was even a timelord -collar and all- walking around.
I managed to get my autograph in time so I could go to watch the Big Finish Demo. Which was good...impressed by the audience members acting. Then dashed off to queue...again to get in the theatre.
Didn't get that good a view this time. The disadvantage of being short. But the classic doctor's panel was brilliant and hillarious and at the same time quite poigniant. They were all on form and all got a standing ovation. Nick Briggs was a gem for continuing to take questions despite being told it there was no time for questions left.
After that panel there was about 10mins gap to allow people to go for comfort break but you kept same seat for the next panel. Which was the eleventh doctor panel.
Matt got a big cheer and a few screams from the fangirls...There was some interesting body language. They all seemed so scared about giving away too much at such a late date.
Moffat got a cheer from the audience when he talked about being fed up with people not letting them give the fans a surprise, because of all the 'leaks'. And also how he felt about when the show got canceled in the 80's.
The Q&A bit was funny...especially when they got a kid up who'd been sitting down the front and kept being shown on the big screen. Matt got him to sit inbetween him and Jenna and asked what his question was...it was more of a statement about what was withthe Fezes. lol! They had to agree to disagree about weather hats were cool. ;)

I then filed out with everyone else and went for one last look round the main hall. Bought myself from the Big Finish stand 'Dark Eyes'. I then went over to stage two to watch interview with 'Peri' and 'Tegan' which was quite interesting.
Then popped to the loo and got back just in time to watch the eighth doctor panel. Shame it wasn't *all* the leading cast. ;) But it was great anyway. In the Q&A session I was near enough the front to ask a question. (Yay!) Asked if they brought 'Grace' back from the TVM which of the modern doctor's would she like to work with...got the diplomatic answer of all of them. 
That was the last thing I could do before I had to dash across the excel to catch the train home. I jogged (I don't run...its not pretty) home and got in with 10mins to spare. Phew! Enough time to make a cuppa tea and warm up the TV.

p.s. only saw 4 other eighth doctor cosplayers...and I was the only 'femme' eighth doctor cosplay. Was hoping for more after the minisode.

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  1. Wonderful coverage of the event. Beautiful photographs and writing and that one photo of you showed that all your hard work on your cosplay outfit paid off--it's completely and instantly recognizable as the Eighth Doctor and you look wonderful in it. It's clearly made with love and attention to detail (is that a satin cuff on the jacket sleeve?) Any chance you can post a larger photo of you in the finished costume (separate from the event-one you posted above...or maybe you have posted it elsewhere and I missed it). Reading your blog and looking at the pictures brought tears to my eyes. WHAT A DAY! Thank you for sharing!