"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Me Made Sonic Screwdriver

Well a female timelord needs a sonic screwdriver doesn't she to help unlock all those doors etc.? ;)
Now I had a 9th doctor style one...but my costume is eighth doctor. So I wanted one that fitted that style. I looked up every tutorial online. Taking the elements I thought I could achive...basically anything that involved tools like drills was out.

Version 1

I started off with a lip gloss - the kind with a colour and a clear protective gloss on the other end. The one above I'd had for years...I tend to do that with makeup as I don't wear it often. Anyway firstly I got some enamel paint, the kind used for airfix kits and painted the centre where the brand name was....then I glued a copper coin to each end to make it stable enough to stand up.

I'd taken apart some jewellry I got for cheap in a sale. Glued marble to the 'ring' from the jewellery then glued that to one end. I then glued an earing onto the centre as my 'button'. And glued on the chain to decorate the clear end.
Voila! One sonic screwdriver...or sonic lipgloss maybe? ;)

Version 2
This was made using a glow stick pen thing I got for 99p from 'the works'. Initially I painted a base coat of white enamel paint.
Then once that had dried it too 2 coats of silver paint. to stop the light showing through.
 I made a leather 'grip' which I glued on by cutting it out of an old bag. Then glued on some red beads and other bits off the same necklace I'd cannibalised for the 1st sonic.
I then painted the hand grip and glued a botl and bead onto the end of the sonic.
Voila! Finished. It even lights up. The glow stick had differnt light modes so it looks more like its actuallly sonic-ing stuff. lol!


  1. Very impressive! You re in good company too - the Jedi handpiece in the later movies started life as a lady shave :)

    1. Thanks. I can't help seeing objects and what I could turn them into. lol!