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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Regency Pelisse - Some Ideas

Inspired by the eighth doctor's costume
Yep. I've changed my mind again. Well my mock up muslin dress came out so well I thought I should use it. Yes I will post the dress when I finish the hemming of it. ;)
Above is a little sketch up of an idea for an outfit. Cream Petticoat. White Dress. Gold Sleeveless Spencer. Green Pelisse. Bonnet. Chatelaine (watch). Reticule. The bonnet depends on how much fabric from the pelisse I have over for trim etc.
Thanks to the suggestions on the Historical sew fortnightly page I've found a few fashion plates to help illistrate what I want to do.
The one on the left show's how I want the 'skirt' back to be two panels. Although I will have it only open up to half way. The one on the right shows the kind of collar and sleeves I plan to use.
So when standing still it should look similer to the blue one above. Its so I can move easily in it without extra bulk and it will show off the pretty hem of my dress.

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  1. That's a lovely dress! I really like the two panel back.