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Monday, December 2, 2013

HSF Challenge #24 Re-Do - Bib Front Regency Dress

The Challenge: #24 Re-Do

The Challenge you are Re-do-ing: #4 Embelishment

Fabric: Muslin.

Pattern: I used S&S regency gown pattern as my bodice but with modifications (see post below). the skirts were based on the pattern in the janet arnold book patterns of fashion.

Year: 1800-1820 - Regency

Notions: Embroidery floss. Ribbon.

How historically accurate is it? Well I've taken inspiration from both patterns of fashion and costumes in detail. Everything bar the long skirt side seam was done by hand.

Hours to complete: About a week just doing little stints of sewing when I could.

First worn: N/A (its for 2014)

Total cost: approx. £25

The first thing I did was cut out the peices and do the embroidery. I'm really pleased with how the bluebells came out.

After I'd made up the bodice and fitted it...

I then attached the 'skirts' to the 'bib' and then the skirts to the bodice.

Then attached the ribbon 'tie' to the waistband.
I think next time round I will have the skirt further back so the overlap is nearer the sides than the front.

 The skirts were a little too long. So I added in a tuck.

 I then pinned up the hem and thought 'hmmmm....I might need another tuck in there'.
Being lazy I'm gonna leave it for now. I added a waist stay on the inside. Sewed up the hem and ta da! Finished.