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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HSF Challenge #23 Gratitude - Sleeveless Spencer

The Challenge: #23 Gratitude

Fabric: Gold coloured 'silk'.

Pattern: Well I started with the S&S Regency gown pattern as my 'base' and made considerable modifications. Which included shanging the shoulder seam to the back, and added a collar. Also changed gathers to darts.

Year: 1795-1820

Notions: Green ribbon. Gold embroidery thread.

How historically accurate is it? It was inspired by several blog posts by others about sleeveless spencers. This one. This one. And this one.

Hours to complete: about 5-6 hours. all hand sewn.

First worn: N/A

Total cost: I'm not sure it was made from my fabric stash. Can't be more than £5.

Above is my sketch I did of how I wanted it to look. I ended up dropping the peplum at the back I also changed how the closure worked.
I sewed the ribbon all round leaving a 'tie' on one 'flap' and a look on the other. It was pure lazyness as I didn't want to bother with buttons and hook & eye.
I'm fairly please with the result the fabric was a bit of a nightmare to work with...didn't like pins and kept sliding about and fraying....but managed to wrangle it. The only problem was pressing it. It didn't want to lay flat.

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