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Monday, December 23, 2013

1950's Shirtwaist - needing a wardrobe staple

So I was thinking..I've got plenty of special occasion stuff I've made. But I need more staples, more basics to wear. I'm thinking shirts and trousers and casual dresses.
My first item is going to be a 50's style shirtwaist dress. I've got a choice of fabric.

I have the pattern in the image above...which I'll use the skirt part from...then use by 'go to' shirt pattern for the top half...as I'm not a fan of the dolman or kimono sleeve. I'll also have 3/4 length sleeves and pockets in the skirt.
 I did think about a blue dress but then if I added an apron it would be Alice in Wonderland. lol!
 I've also got red and purple to choose from...although maybe that's a bit too in your face colour wise?
I like the design above. I have enough of that fabric (I hope) to do my chosen design.

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