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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Doctor Who does Vintage Style

So which of the above is your fave? Butterick 5281 is my chosen pattern. Just trying to decide on colour combination.
Got me thinking about some other vintage styles you could 'who'-ise.....

 Or how about this for a sixth doctor 50s style outfit?
I have everything bar the shirt in my wardrobe.

 Yes genuinely the original pattern had that kinda hat on the model. lol!

3rd doctor 1930's outfit. Or even a 11th doctor one?

5th doctor 1920's outfit?
1920's 11th doctor outfit (the purple one)

or I could upcycle a modern dress to make it look like a doctor who costume from a 5th doctor episode.

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  1. I love these sketches, I think I'm going for my next project inspired fashion! ;) Congratulations!