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Monday, December 9, 2013

Some Winterwear planning

My annual plan stuff for winter post. This time I actually have a clear idea of what I'm after. Plus fours. Well I have knee high boots (yes I actually found a pair that would fit). So I wanted some trousers that would show off the boots.
These ladies with boot friendly trousers and knitwear

I also have a cloche hat...well ok I have four. Two are knitted, one is felt and one is more spring weight. And I have my shirt I sewed.

I can wear with my tweedy jacket or a long coat. No more wet trouser hems. It's been pointed out to me it could look quite Romana-esque.
Now there's an idea...fairisle long socks.
I was originally thinking of it being more a reference to Matt Smiths Doctor. With the tweed and red hat.
There's a few patterns I've been looking at. Either my fave trouser pattern (swing trousers) or I have a mcalls pattern that's supposed to be steampunk in style.
My initial mock up (wearable) I made modifying the swing trouser pattern as I didn't want a front fly. I used some fabric from my stash cotton with a little lycra so it had some give, but not major stretch.
 I found I couldn't do the 'cuffs' up so left off any closures for them. The plus fours tucked into the boot...but I suspect too much walking and the cuff will work its way out of the boot. So definately needs more length added to each leg.

My experiment has shown me I need to tweak it further.
1) Add another cm on the hips for ease
2) Change the zip from back to side zip.
3) Cut the legs much longer than I expected.
4) Make the leg cuff narrower and add a button.

When I make it next I'll be using my real material which won't have that 'give' in it...hence the need to add more ease. (This is what happens when I don't go to dance class for a month. I expand. lol!)

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