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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Crochet - A few projects

Well some of you now my knitting is so slow it would make a snail look like it was doing the speed of light...so I've tended to stay away from those kinds of projects. Now last week I discovered crochet (thank you ravelry). Yes I know its always been there....I just never thought to try it.
It is sooo much faster than knitting. I managed to get nearly 2 meter scarf crocheted in 15 days!

Inspired by Osgoods scarf in the doctor who special.

Then in about 3 days crocheted myself a beret type hat. In TARDIS colours of course.

You may ask 'what pattern did you use'? But I didn't really use a pattern...I crocheted just by eye. Practiced the individual stitches, crocheting in the round and increase/decrease stitches. Then looked at images different stages of the items being made and kinda did it by eye. I used youtube to learn those stitches after the book I bought turned out to be less than useful.

My next project is a TARDIS roundel blanket.
 Circular crochet centre with maybe a 1YO or 2YO loopy stitch round the outside then finished off with a contrast chain.

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  1. I love your beret!!! I used to do that sort of thing, or I tried to, but I never learned how to make it look nice. I'd love to be able to crochet, and I've started doing it now I had to quit because of my left wrist. Crocheting and knitting is a big no-no when you have carpal tunnel syndrome, sadly.