"Resign yourself, Catherine! Shops must be visited! Money must be spent! Do you think you could bear it?" - Northanger Abbey

Monday, October 28, 2013

Shirts and collars...now with wings!

Sorry that just sprung to mind when I was searching for a winged collar to finish off my Doctor Who costume. ;)
I looked everywhere for a ladies winged shirt. Nowhere could I find one. I was contemplating buying a men's one and adjusting it. When it dawned on me I could just get my 'go to' shirt pattern and modify the collar. The thing is I needed the flat plan of collar shape to at least reference.
Doing my research I came up with a few images.
This one shoes a detachable collar detached and yay I can see the back. And this one the collarless shirt.
Looks like if I add a button hole to back of the collarless shirt and corresponding button on the stand up collar then find some way of attaching the front. Maybe I can cheat and used a split pin?

I also managed to take a look at some collars at the Beamish Museum and ask a few questions on holiday. Should have taken come close ups really. Also stumbled across a blog post from someone making one (at last).
Looking at the top image and comparing it to a few book images. I think his style of collar is maybe Newmarket?
Historical people I'm sure you'll know.....
Next question is sleeves I have a shirt pattern in my stash with long sleeves and cuffs. eeep! Cuffs. One of my nemisis. Those will not be detachable though.


  1. Hey you should be able to get hold of collar studs fairly easily in the UK. They are cute little guys too! :)

    1. You say that but for the price of one stud I can get a packet of split pins. lol!
      I'm gonna slightly tack it in places too...just to make sure it doesn't dislodge too much. (yes my shirt is finished but that post is for another day)